Interior Design Tricks That Will Make Rooms Look & Feel Bigger

As soon as you think you’ve moved into your dream home with a pool and custom marble countertops, you may realise there’s little room to walk around the house. You may find yourself shuffling between furniture, and a load of boxes to get stored in the garage.

But, half your garage is already floor to ceiling with boxes because there’s not enough space in the house for all of your stuff.

Pack everything up, and it’s time to move again!

All too often, couples and families travel nomadically from home to home because the house they just bought isn’t big enough for all of their stuff. Essential appliances and favourite furniture collect dust in storage, or homeowners try to make everything fit, turning their living space into a claustrophobic maze.

It’s supposed to be a living space, not a fire hazard.

Paying elite level prices for square footage seems to be the only option, but what if it isn’t?

Breaking the bank to fit everything you own into your house is not necessary. Standing in your living room right now, there are four different ways you can create extra space in your current home.

Carefully Lay Out Your Living Space

Don’t pile every couch and coffee table you own in the central living area and hope it all fits. That’s like throwing brown paint at a canvas and expecting it to look pretty.

Before move-in day, walk around your living space and carefully plan where each furniture item will best fit. Take exact measurements so you can determine ahead of time what will go where, and why. Bring on a professional interior designer if you need to. Their borderline OCD makes them good at making use of smaller spaces.

If you plan out space ahead of moving, it will maximise the space you have to work with.

Do this, and you avoid having to squeeze between furniture just to get to your favourite reading chair by the window.

Use Proper Lighting

Improper lighting can ruin how your entire house feels. Shadows at every corner make the space feel closed in like one tiny confined apartment.

Invest in added lighting that reduces the dark spaces around your house. You’ll be able to pinpoint where each piece of furniture looks best and compliments your in-home design.

Using the right lighting will also highlight your home’s flawless design aspects and make the entire space feel more open.

Create Ample Walking Room

Clutter looks sloppy and drives certain people insane. When all of your furniture is clumped together, it seems tacky and makes your space feel suffocated.

Plus, nobody has ever enjoyed stubbing their toe on the couch or having to move chairs out of the way just to get through the front door. Your space not only feels small, but it’s also an inconvenience to you and your visitors.

Even if it takes selling a couch or a coffee table, it will create plenty of walking space between your furniture. Fewer people will bruise their toe when they come over for a BBQ, and you’ll make your area feel more relaxed.


If the first three things mentioned won’t work for you, it’s okay to move for a total renovation. Some spaces are simply too small to work with or manipulate to look more spacious.

You can knock a wall out to create more space, or open your kitchen up with an extension leading to the living space.

If you have the extra money in your budget, you can remove multiple walls to connect the living space with an additional room. With a simple demolition, you can increase your living space by three or four times!

Renovating and adding extra space could take months, if not a full year to finish, instead of one Saturday afternoon moving furniture around, so make sure it’s worth it from a cost and time investment standpoint. If it is, then go right ahead!

As a bonus, you won’t have to buy a new house with more space when you renovate. Instead of buying extra space, you can create the exact amount of room you need without the expense of moving to a new home.

Whether it’s through little industry tricks or a full-blown renovation, there are multiple ways to create more space in your home. Before you move houses again, give one, if not all four of these a try.

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