Kurrajong Heights

Our client, who we had previously worked with, has enlisted our expertise once again to design their new family home in the idyllic location of Kurrajong Heights, situated in the picturesque Hawkesbury. This time, the challenge was to create a contemporary home with materials that require low maintenance and are compliant with the bushfire regulations. This site boasts panoramic views of the city, which we wanted to capitalize on by ensuring the house maximized this fantastic vista.

Furthermore, the house incorporated a clever worm waste water solution, which allows the clients to grow their vegetables throughout the entire property, emphasizing sustainability and eco-consciousness in the design. Additionally, we designed the house with ample large shading screens to ensure privacy for our clients and their family.

The clients’ preferences steered the aesthetic of this home towards darker grey tones, creating an impactful design that exudes elegance and sophistication, reflecting our client’s personal style and taste.

Our team of architects and designers are proud to have met all of the requirements our client envisioned for their dream family home and more.

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