Caves Beach

Caves Beach NSW

Design Time:
6 Months

G & M Building

Build Time:
8 months

Zac Graham

Liam Vautier

Year Completed:

Park Ave Caves Beach – Mid-Century Inspired Home Transformation 

At LTAA Architecture, we specialise in transforming homes to enhance their natural surroundings and elevate their design. Our recent project on Park Avenue Caves Beach is a mid-century inspired renovation that optimises panoramic ocean views, harnesses natural light, and embraces sea breezes to create a stunning coastal retreat.

Design Highlights:

Mid-Century Inspiration:

  • Featuring white tones and timber battens, the design introduces texture and warmth.
  • Circular skylights enhance the external deck areas, adding a unique architectural touch.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Integration:

  • Expansive sliding doors connect indoor living spaces with the first-floor balcony, promoting a harmonious flow for entertaining and relaxation.
  • The layout prioritises unobstructed ocean views, with strategically positioned living spaces and windows.

Natural Light and Panoramic Views:

  • Large windows on the first and second floors offer panoramic ocean views, creating a seamless connection with the surrounding landscape.
  • Expansive glazing and skylights flood interiors with natural light, enhancing the sense of space and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Sustainable Design Elements:

  • The home’s orientation and operable windows harness sea breezes, fostering natural ventilation and a comfortable indoor environment year-round.
  • This passive design approach promotes sustainability and reduces reliance on mechanical cooling systems.

Interior Aesthetics:

  • White tones dominate the interior palette, creating a sense of airiness and modernity while reflecting natural light.
  • Timber battens add warmth, texture, and a nod to mid-century aesthetics, enhancing the home’s visual appeal.

Outdoor Retreats:

  • Circular skylights in the external deck areas serve as focal points and diffuse natural light into outdoor spaces.
  • These elements contribute to the home’s charm and create inviting retreats that blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living.

Effortless Entertaining:

  • Large sliding doors facilitate effortless indoor-outdoor flow, accommodating gatherings and leisure activities while capitalising on the coastal ambiance and stunning ocean views.


The mid-century inspired renovation in Caves Beach by LTAA Architecture embodies a harmonious fusion of modern design principles, natural elements, and coastal charm. By maximising ocean views, natural light, and sea breezes while incorporating white tones, timber battens, and circular skylights, this design creates an inviting sanctuary that celebrates its picturesque surroundings and promotes a seamless indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

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