Check Out Some Custom Home Designs For Catherine Hill Bay!

Our office provides custom and unique designs for new homes in Catherine Hill Bay NSW. Catherine Hill Bay development control plan has a few specific controls, like cladding types, colours and roof forms.

I am so surprised to hear how many of the residents accepted the information provided by their builder or designer telling them they could not have a skillion roof or they could only choose from a handful of external colours and have had to accept their advice.

With over 18 years of designing and approval services we understand how to read and interpret council development control plans and so in the design of our family home we pushed the form and designed specific to the site and our family, not a home designed by someone else’s idea and someone else’s incorrect interpretation of the council’s development control plan.

In Murray’s beach the design of your home needs to be approved by the design panel and does require more in the form and articulation than what is required for Catherine Hill Bay. So this can be tricky, but with LTAA Architecture you can work through these.

We know that you have been dreaming and thinking about your dream home for some time and you are excited. We also know the endless hours you have spent in thinking and sketching out your home discussing with your partner and friends. We know it’s important for you to maximise your living areas within the restrictions of council and the design panel. LTAA Architecture will ensure your ideas and the dream of your new home can be achieved while ensuring your living areas are maximised within the controls of the site building envelope.

Working with LTAA Architecture is easy, the first step is to give our office a call on 0432 641 697 to discuss your ideas and your site. Or if you would prefer to schedule in a call to book here. After our call we can provide you with our fee schedule which you can review.

The next step after accepting our fees is we prepare your design of your new home, then we organise your approvals and find you a builder.

Then the next step the builder can start building your dream home, making your building dreams a reality. As this is one of our core beliefs we strive to make this happen for all of our clients and really hope we can do this for you too.


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