Building For A View

Considering the outlook from your home and the possibility of beautiful views plays
an important part of the design.

The temptation to fill the walls with floor-to-ceiling glass can be tempting, but what
else can be implemented to make the most out of your property and its surrounds?

  • Layout the building to your site.
    Would a split level or two-storey home compliment the landscape whilst capturing
    the best outlook?
  • Carefully consider outdoor spaces.
    Integrating the indoors with the outdoors is important, but consider where a balcony
    and alfresco will be placed, make sure it has sufficient privacy and does not look over a
    neighbourโ€™s yard or busy road.
  • Will there be spaces in your home to appreciate the view?
    Including showcase windows or cutouts of walls to admire the vista at special
  • Choose the right roof type.
    Roof types like Gable, Skillion and Butterfly can add extra height to a wall, the perfect
    excuse for a double-height window.
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