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Alterations and Additions in Kurrajong

Imagine living entirely below your means for years while working 16 hour days just to afford to build a magnificent house to your exact specifications.

A home built to fit your dream lifestyle that is the pride of your heart and the envy of your neighbours.

Now imagine an architect making a mess of your plans with amateur design and poor communication. You’ve finally started to make your dream home a reality and they mess it up before the builder can lay the foundation.

This is exactly what happened to our clients in Kurrajong.

Spending years as a building certifier in the Sydney area, while living in a tiny home with his wife, our clients had finally started the process of building their forever home. 

Within days of raising a glass to the beginning of their dream home, they ran into a custom builder’s worse nightmare – an incompetent architect who couldn’t deliver designs as promised. 

In fact, he had made a disastrous mess of them. Their dream home was a pile of rubble before there was any physical rubble to pile up! 

That’s when they reached out to us. 

We could have made simple fixes to the blueprints and the client would have been relieved to have their twisted up plans back on track.  

But the bare minimum is not how we do business or treat our clients. 

Once they met with one of our talented architects who sketched blueprints to their wildest desire, we made a few suggestions to enhance the design. We knew this would be their forever home and wanted to ensure their forever would be better than they could have imagined or planned for. 

The original design had two skillions that looked phenomenal, but we saw a way to tweak it and ramp up the finished product.

Instead of leaving the two skillions as is, we adjusted one of them to sweep up from one low end, twisting high into a bright space to let light into the living area on the opposite end. The vertical sweeping angle looked modern and sleek from the outside and created a vibrant space inside, opening up to a wonderful view of the pool and the landscape beyond.

With the wide-open space, our clients could enjoy warm natural light during the day and make a lifetime of memories in the living area for years on end.

Kurrajong Home



Even when an engineer called asking how to make the roof work with the unique skillion design, implying it was impossible to accomplish, we made multiple suggestions on how to set the rafters so our client could have the bright open space we promised.

The engineer was not too happy, but our clients were. They got a space fit to their wildest desires instead of a house they were not pleased with. Better a frustrated engineer and satisfied clients than the other way around.

They trusted us with their dream home, so we used our expert knowledge to make it a reality no matter what. 

As you can see the house has turned out beautifully. Soon after our first meeting, our clients were able to move out of their flimsy little house and into the elegant home they had worked so long for. 

We can’t tell who is happier; the clients or their horses who finally get to roam and play in the land around the house.

If you have done the excruciating work of saving to build your forever home, you deserve people who will fight for the building process to be on par. Not architects who can’t follow through and make the process a regretful nightmare.

Protect your money and your dream home!

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